Staking with OpenStake

Users can stake with OpenStake in two ways – by interacting with the smart contract directly and receiving osTON as the rebase token or by swapping TON for osTON to get a better price.

To stake TON directly with OpenStake, users need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the OpenStake website and connect a TON-compatible wallet (e.g. TonKeeper and TonHub);

  2. Interact with the OpenStake smart contract and deposit Ton;

  3. The smart contract will stake the TON tokens to validator node while the user will receive osTon;

  4. The smart contract will automatically collect staking rewards from the TON network and distribute them to users' wallets in the form of osTON tokens.

By staking TON tokens directly with OpenStake, users can earn rewards for participating in the TON network while enjoying the benefits of a simplified staking process, with osTON tokens as the rebase token.

Alternatively, users can swap their TON for osTON to get a better price and then stake their osTON with OpenStake. Overall, OpenStake provides users with a convenient and straightforward way to stake on the TON network, allowing them to earn rewards with minimal effort and hassle.

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